Tesla Cybertruck’s revolutionary design is inspiring some very ambitious ventures, including now a bunker/garage for the electric pickup truck.

Tesla Cybertruck has ignited the imagination of some really imaginative people who have designed some wild looking mods for the electric pickup truck.

Today, we have found an even more ambitious project.

Lars Büro, a research, design, and visualization agency, has publicized a project called ‘Cybunker’, which is a garage, or can be called a bunker, for the Cybertruck.

The agency says that when it realized that the Tesla Cybertruck might not be able to fit in the regular garage, it decided to design a positioned garage just for the Tesla electric pickup.

Stirred by the design of the Cybertruck, the monocoque structure corresponds well with the new electric vehicle:

The company describes the folding gate system that reveals the garage:

“Inside, two folding gates disclose a 600 square-foot depot able to house an array of tools and vehicles -including trucks that don’t fit in normal garages. For more hostile or extreme environments, this depot can be prepared to function as an airlock, allowing a safe transition between interior and exterior.”

Lars Büro describes the building:

“Thanks to its firm steel monocoque structure and aerodynamic shape, the Cybunker is able to endure the harshest environmental conditions, while its state-of-the-art circular infrastructure creates a microgrid able of ensuring self-sustenance in the most remote sites, or as an auxiliary system for on-grid dwellings.”

While it has been publicized as a garage for the Tesla Cybertruck, the agency says that it could be made larger to also fit an apartment:

Like the Cybertruck’s strong qualities and bullet proofness, Lars Büro describes the Cybunker as being able to endure harsh environments.

But they say that it can also be installed in urban areas:

They have been promoting the concept on Instagram to gain traction for the plan, but it’s not clear if or how they intend to actually make this obtainable.

It goes to show that although the Tesla Cybertruck design is splitting, for those who do appreciate it, it is very inspirational.

The radical design has the capability to reinvent what a pickup truck looks and it has given ideas to people.

Some of those designs are mere exercises or even jokes, but I think others might end up as real products.

This one might be a little too aspiring, but they look serious about it since they are actually already marketing the concept.