Tesla’s iPhone app features two new home screen widgets

26 Aug 2021

Tesla is rolling out a major update for its iOS smartphone application with new controls, improved management, and cool graphics. Version 4.0 also gives you the choice between two different-sized new widgets for your iPhone home screen. As detailed by Tesla Software Updates, both feature the same information: the name of the car, battery percentage, location…

Chevy shows off four-wheel steering

Chevy shows off four-wheel steering on its new EV

13 Aug 2021

Not to be outdone by the Rivian R1T’s “tank-turning” feat or the Hummer EV’s crab-walking capabilities, Chevrolet on Wednesday shared a sneak peak of its own all-wheel steering trick arriving with the upcoming Silverado EV. This system is designed to reduce the vehicle’s turning radius at low speeds and improve handling and control at higher speeds. Many details…

BMW's futuristic electric scooter is straight out of anime

BMW’s futuristic electric scooter is straight out of anime

07 Jul 2021

When we saw BMW’s CE 04 electric scooter concept last year, it looked like something pulled straight out of a science fiction film. Now the company has unveiled the final consumer version of the CE 04, and while it’s lost a bit of the fantastical edge, it still looks like a vehicle that would be right at…

Autonomous Scooters coming soon

Autonomous Scooters To Hit The Cities Soon

30 Oct 2020

Google has engaged with numerous bold ideas it doesn’t like. But three years ago, the concept of a self-driving bicycle was just too much. It ridiculed the idea of an autonomous bicycle in an April Fools’ Day video. Why would someone need a bike that rode itself? Since then the scooter-sharing and electric bike trend has raged into…

red volvo xc40 recharge

Volvo Introduces Its First All-Electric Car “XC40 Recharge”

23 Sep 2020

The SUV with new Android-powered Infotainment gives us all the reasons to go gaga over Volvo was one of the pioneer automakers to announce its plans to address the issue of carbon emissions. In 2017, the Swedish OEM declared that it was ending development of diesel engines. After a few weeks, it vowed that every new Volvo…


Amazon Makes The Largest Order of Rivian Electric Vans

05 Jul 2020

If financing from Ford Motor Co. and Inc. weren’t reason enough to take notice of Rivian Automotive Inc., a six-figure order declared by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Chief Executive, has raised the electric-vehicle start-up — all before its first churned out  SUV or truck has rolled off the assembly line.   The billionaire publicized plans…

Mercedes Benz Also Jumps On The Electric Scooter Bandwagon

28 Jun 2020

For metropolitans, electric scooters have become a standard mode of transportation. Keeping cars in a city can be difficult. Parking isn’t easily available, traffic congestion is frequent, and journeys are usually only a few miles in length, making the trouble of paying for gas, insurance, parking, and the car itself too much of an issue. For…

EHang to Try Its Electric Passenger Drones in Spain and Norway

21 Mar 2020

The development of air taxis powers on through.   The Chinese aviation startup EHang has unveiled its vision of future air taxis by introducing two-person electric drones.   The company just got its operational flight permit from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Society for its EHang 216 in Norway and has got into a cooperation agreement with the administration of…

General Motors Steps In All-electric, Autonomous Vehicle Zone, Challenging Tesla

05 Mar 2020

General Motors will spend over $20 billion through 2025 to beat Tesla in the all-electric and autonomous vehicles industry, quickly-growing market, reports CNBC.   General Motors moves into the electric vehicle game   This indicates GM’s biggest investment against doubters on Wall Street, who doubt the 110-year-old automaker can walk industrial water against Tesla, as the whole automotive industry hinges to all-electric and sustainable vehicles.  …

talking avatar car edag citybot

EDAG CityBot – A Versatile, Modular Talking Vehicle

25 Jan 2020

EDAG, the automotive engineering firm, has an extensive history of bringing stimulating, unconventional cars, like pop-up sports car campers and skeletal 3D-printed light cars.  In current years, it’s been more content contributing to ideas and products from other brands, including Bosch. But it made a magnificent comeback at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, launching a smart,…

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