Electric vehicles

Is “Range Anxiety” Preventing You From Buying an All-Electric Vehicle?

08 Jan 2020

We measure the driving ranges of 15 of the most popular all-electric vehicles The advantages of electric vehicles are many. Whereas gasoline-powered vehicles transform only 17%–21% of the energy contained in the gasoline to drive the wheels, electric vehicles convert more than 77% of their battery energy to run the wheels. Electric vehicles are good for the atmosphere because…

Lilium Air taxi

Lilium electric air taxi pulling off some banked turns

23 Dec 2019

Aviation company Lilium is moving ahead with testing of its all-electric plane, with the newest footage to come into sight from the German startup demonstrating the aircraft performing a few new moves. While short and not exactly remarkable, the test flight marks another step onward for a company targeting to have a commercial air taxi…


The Competition To Build A Flying Electric Taxi

21 Dec 2019

How luring does it seem if there is a possibility of being commuting to and from work within a fraction of the time it usually takes? More on there will be no traffic jams, no cold platforms, and no train delays – seems like you are ready to say a quick yes. Well, the time…


Cybunker: Tesla CyberTruck Has Its Own Garage

17 Dec 2019

Tesla Cybertruck’s revolutionary design is inspiring some very ambitious ventures, including now a bunker/garage for the electric pickup truck. Tesla Cybertruck has ignited the imagination of some really imaginative people who have designed some wild looking mods for the electric pickup truck. Today, we have found an even more ambitious project. Lars Büro, a research,…

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot crashes into a police car

10 Dec 2019

A Tesla has collided into a police car and other vehicle while on Autopilot in the US. Both the police car and the other car, which had broken down, were still at the time of the incident. The motorist told police that he put his Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot so that he could check…

tesla cybertruck

Tesla gets pickup orders despite the launch blunder

30 Nov 2019

Elon Musk has said Tesla has taken almost 150,000 orders for its new pickup truck, in spite of an embarrassing hitch at its launch. Mr Musk was caught out on stage when the windows of the Cybertruck broken during a demonstration supposed to demonstrate their durability. Tesla shares crashed by 6.1% after the event on…

Tesla Truck Update 2

Tesla Pickup Truck update

14 Oct 2019

Price, Specs, and Performance Overview Tesla helped make electric vehicles accessible and now wishes to get the better of one of the most popular sectors in America with its upcoming electrified pickup truck. Although exact details are obviously hard to nail down with the particular private company, its free spirit CEO, Elon Musk, has announced that…

sion solar car

The ‘Self-Charging’ Sion Electric Car With Moss Lined Dashboard

10 Oct 2019

Sono Motors, the German mobility provider has introduced an innovative solar-powered car, Sion with island moss included in the vehicle’s dashboard as a component of the car’s air filtering system. Despite the fact that the moss is not alive, it helps from keeping the air inside the cabin clean and fresh, according to Sono Motors….

Tesla’s new software update unveils Caraoke and Smart Summon

Tesla’s new software update unveils Caraoke and Smart Summon

17 Sep 2019

Some Tesla owners will soon have more to do in their cars than simply driving them. Karaoke, anyone? On Thursday, Tesla, the car company rolled out its latest software update, Version 10, which will propose several new features that range from a self-driving feature to Caraoke, a tool that brings a collection of songs and lyrics in…

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