Lordstown Motors reverses, says it has no firm truck orders

Lordstown Motors, says it has no firm truck orders

19 Jun 2021

Struggling electric truck maker Lordstown Motors said Thursday it doesn’t have any firm orders for its vehicles, just days after its president said the company had enough to maintain production through 2022. Questions have been mounting about whether Lordstown Motors has enough money to stay in business and about its previous claims that it already…

South African business jet pegasus first to take-off and land vertically

The Pegasus Vertical Take-Off & Landing Business Jet

08 Nov 2020

South Africa looks forward to designing and develop a business jet one of its own kind that will hover like an airplane but will take-off and land like a helicopter. Pegasus Universal Aerospace (PUA), a Pretoria based South African company, signed a memorandum of understanding with Callen-Lenz Group, a UK based technical aviation consultant. As…

Hydrogen – The Future Fuel Of Vehicles, But Where Is It

Hydrogen – The Future Fuel Of Vehicles, But Where Is It?

20 Jun 2020

Just a few years ago, hydrogen and battery electric vehicles were both excitedly competing to become the future of the automobile. The gurus were split on which alternative would arise triumphantly and save us all from our fossil-fuel overlords. The Japanese automakers in specific have always been major supporters of hydrogen fuel as the perfect…

Self-driving Shuttle Company Directed To Stop Carrying Passengers After Injury

02 Mar 2020

The DOT stops a shuttle operator on the same day it was condemned for being too hands-off   NHTSA (also known as The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has partially suspended the US operations of France’s EasyMile after a passenger in Ohio was hurt while riding in one of the company’s self-driving shuttles. EasyMile can…

Modular e-boat cuts the high seas with Swiss Army knife adaptability

15 Feb 2020

The 26-foot (8-m) DC25 yacht proposal from DutchCraft is designed to do a bit of everything the modern-day sportsman and captain might demand from a center console boat. Employing simple deck-mounted rails, the boat easily converts from a breezy pleasure craft, to a fishing or sporty dive boat to a capable superyacht tender, to an…

Self-Driving Delivery Van Dumps ‘Human Controls’

08 Feb 2020

The first self-driving vehicle engineered without basic human controls such as pedals, steering wheels or side-view mirrors has been given permission to test on US roads.   Nuro, the mastermind behind the design, makes autonomous delivery vans.   The vehicle is Nuro’s second generation of its vehicles, which it is naming R2 and will be…


UPS comes together with Waymo to test self-driving delivery vans

03 Feb 2020

Waymo is coming together with UPS to experiment with the use of its self-driving vans in moving packages. Waymo, the self-driving wing of Google’s (GOOG) parent company Alphabet, will use its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans to transport packages from UPS stores in the Phoenix area to a UPS sorting facility in Tempe, Arizona. (Note: It will not be delivering packages…

talking avatar car edag citybot

EDAG CityBot – A Versatile, Modular Talking Vehicle

25 Jan 2020

EDAG, the automotive engineering firm, has an extensive history of bringing stimulating, unconventional cars, like pop-up sports car campers and skeletal 3D-printed light cars.  In current years, it’s been more content contributing to ideas and products from other brands, including Bosch. But it made a magnificent comeback at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, launching a smart,…


The Competition To Build A Flying Electric Taxi

21 Dec 2019

How luring does it seem if there is a possibility of being commuting to and from work within a fraction of the time it usually takes? More on there will be no traffic jams, no cold platforms, and no train delays – seems like you are ready to say a quick yes. Well, the time…


Cybunker: Tesla CyberTruck Has Its Own Garage

17 Dec 2019

Tesla Cybertruck’s revolutionary design is inspiring some very ambitious ventures, including now a bunker/garage for the electric pickup truck. Tesla Cybertruck has ignited the imagination of some really imaginative people who have designed some wild looking mods for the electric pickup truck. Today, we have found an even more ambitious project. Lars Büro, a research,…

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