5 ways an Electric Bike Will Transform Your Life

08 Apr 2020

The age of the electric bike is here.   You may not understand it, but electric bikes are the future. Ebike sales hit the roof by 91% from 2017 to 2018, and some commentators expect 130 million electric bikes to be travelling around the U.S. by 2023—far overtaking the number of electric cars and trucks predictable to be on…

EHang to Try Its Electric Passenger Drones in Spain and Norway

21 Mar 2020

The development of air taxis powers on through.   The Chinese aviation startup EHang has unveiled its vision of future air taxis by introducing two-person electric drones.   The company just got its operational flight permit from the Norwegian Civil Aviation Society for its EHang 216 in Norway and has got into a cooperation agreement with the administration of…

General Motors Steps In All-electric, Autonomous Vehicle Zone, Challenging Tesla

05 Mar 2020

General Motors will spend over $20 billion through 2025 to beat Tesla in the all-electric and autonomous vehicles industry, quickly-growing market, reports CNBC.   General Motors moves into the electric vehicle game   This indicates GM’s biggest investment against doubters on Wall Street, who doubt the 110-year-old automaker can walk industrial water against Tesla, as the whole automotive industry hinges to all-electric and sustainable vehicles.  …

Spin Is Debuting In Europe, Eyeing The UK

02 Mar 2020

The Ford-owned scooter company Spin has make public that it is expanding to Europe, with plans to launch in many European cities including Germany before the end of the year.   The car constructor purchased the San Francisco-based start-up in November 2018 for an expected $100 million (£77 million) – though Spin won’t endorse the figure –…

Self-driving Shuttle Company Directed To Stop Carrying Passengers After Injury

02 Mar 2020

The DOT stops a shuttle operator on the same day it was condemned for being too hands-off   NHTSA (also known as The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has partially suspended the US operations of France’s EasyMile after a passenger in Ohio was hurt while riding in one of the company’s self-driving shuttles. EasyMile can…

Modular e-boat cuts the high seas with Swiss Army knife adaptability

15 Feb 2020

The 26-foot (8-m) DC25 yacht proposal from DutchCraft is designed to do a bit of everything the modern-day sportsman and captain might demand from a center console boat. Employing simple deck-mounted rails, the boat easily converts from a breezy pleasure craft, to a fishing or sporty dive boat to a capable superyacht tender, to an…

Self-Driving Delivery Van Dumps ‘Human Controls’

08 Feb 2020

The first self-driving vehicle engineered without basic human controls such as pedals, steering wheels or side-view mirrors has been given permission to test on US roads.   Nuro, the mastermind behind the design, makes autonomous delivery vans.   The vehicle is Nuro’s second generation of its vehicles, which it is naming R2 and will be…


UPS comes together with Waymo to test self-driving delivery vans

03 Feb 2020

Waymo is coming together with UPS to experiment with the use of its self-driving vans in moving packages. Waymo, the self-driving wing of Google’s (GOOG) parent company Alphabet, will use its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans to transport packages from UPS stores in the Phoenix area to a UPS sorting facility in Tempe, Arizona. (Note: It will not be delivering packages…

talking avatar car edag citybot

EDAG CityBot – A Versatile, Modular Talking Vehicle

25 Jan 2020

EDAG, the automotive engineering firm, has an extensive history of bringing stimulating, unconventional cars, like pop-up sports car campers and skeletal 3D-printed light cars.  In current years, it’s been more content contributing to ideas and products from other brands, including Bosch. But it made a magnificent comeback at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, launching a smart,…

Ather Energy S340 eScooter Indian

India’s First Electric Scooter by Ather Energy

24 Jan 2020

“We didn’t begin this to save the environment,” confided Tarun Mehta about the electric scooter company he cofounded in 2013 with college friend Swapnil Jain, Ather Energy. But if opposing the country’s gas-guzzling vehicles helps clean the air, so be it. “The correct way to actually do that is to create a product that people will buy—we…