Sono Motors, the German mobility provider has introduced an innovative solar-powered car, Sion with island moss included in the vehicle’s dashboard as a component of the car’s air filtering system. Despite the fact that the moss is not alive, it helps from keeping the air inside the cabin clean and fresh, according to Sono Motors.

Sono claimed on its website that the electrostatic gravitation enables the air filtration system to sift up to 20% of particulate matter out of the air while giving positive effects for the humidity and temperature inside the Sion.


The car’s interior

Besides the dead moss dashboard, the electric car has solar charging capabilities with 248  solar cells included into the car’s body, allowing the car to charge during day.  This sums up to 34 kilometers, or 21 miles, to the car’s range of 250 kilometers, or about 155 miles. The owners will also get to enjoy a ten-inch touch display in the center console.

Whether or not, the car is shared, driven privately or used as company cars, the car is designed for multipurpose use. According to the automaker,  it can also be merged into neighborhoods and car-sharing fleets. Car sharing, energy sharing and ride sharing are the sharing options that goSono app offers. CarSharing permits owners to share their Sion cars with someone whenever the owner approves it. Likewise, owners can provide other users car rides in-app.

With powerSharing option, the vehicles can become mobile charging posts using bidirectional charging functions. Two Sion cars can share energy, supplying up to 11 kW of power. The automobile owner can decide how much energy to give and at what price. Though the car is set to release somewhere in summer of 2020, more than 10,000 reservations for the Sion has been completed since May. Sono Motors intends on producing 260,000 samples in its Swedish factory in the next eight years, which will then be transported to Europe. The car starts at $28,209  or about €25,500.

sion car with moss
The solar powered, moss included Sion car by Sono starts from $28,209

The car is not the most exciting cars but it promises extraordinary solutions to unusual problems.  Nevertheless, it was never meant to compete Land Rover or Ferraris.