The 26-foot (8-m) DC25 yacht proposal from DutchCraft is designed to do a bit of everything the modern-day sportsman and captain might demand from a center console boat. Employing simple deck-mounted rails, the boat easily converts from a breezy pleasure craft, to a fishing or sporty dive boat to a capable superyacht tender, to an uninhabited toy carrier. An all-electric demanding drive makes sure it navigates the waters with the maximum silence, leaving no releases in its wake.

Similar to many of the multifunctional camper van commuters, the foundation of the DC25’s flexibility is its rail arrangement, making multiple boats in a single hull. Longitudinal rails united into the deck allow owners to swiftly secure down or remove numerous equipment, furniture and cargo.

The dive boat module has eight diving sets and leaves space for two dive scooters

DC25 owners can accommodate family and friends by arranging the sofas in numerous ways, installing them longitudinally or laterally or in forward-facing rows or vis-à-vis arrangements, looking out toward the water, and so on. They can also remove the furniture out and have an open deck for carrying equipment or cargo, including two PWCs or an ATV. Or they can arrange the boat up for particular purposes by adding modules like the fishing pole holder or the eight-dive-kit rack.

The crux of the DC25 is its 134-hp (100-kW) electric stern drive motorised by a beneath-deck battery pack inside the range of 89 and 134 kWh, dependent upon option chosen. It can run at a maximum speed of 32 knots (59 km/h) up till 75 minutes or cruise slowly at 6 knots (11 km/h) up till six hours. The carbon fibre body helps keep things light in an attempt to extract as much range as possible out of the battery.

The DC25 can run at a 32-knot maximum speed for at least 75 minutes or sail at 6 knots for six hours per charge

The captain takes the wheel at the back of the glass windscreen of the shielded pilothouse. The drop-down bow door unfolds to make it simpler to step straight onto the beach, while the drop-down pane deck serves as a dive and swim stand out on the water. The hard-roofed wheelhouse can disassemble to make the boat easier to store.

Striding onto dry land

The DC25 can move up to 12 passengers. A limousine type with more weather protection is in development and will attend clients looking for a stylish, clean guest shuttle.

With the second boat in DutchCraft’s lineup, the DC25 took delight in a world premiere at the recent Düsseldorf boat show. It begins at €275,000 (approx. US$298,000) and will be constructed at DutchCraft’s shipyard in Groot-Ammers, Holland, also the site of DutchCraft sister brand Zeelander Yachts.

Source: DutchCraft